Chiefs FortuneThe Game Challenging Innovation Committee 2012 was organized by my college tech fest in which there were hundreds of participants came with individually and also with teams from different parts of a state. College organized all department of organizing committee in such a way so that the upcoming participants will not suffer for any reason. As a mentor of a committee I also a part of this and I felt so glad to organize such fest and invoking new ideas and thinking so we contribute a great fun over the fest in an organized manner.

I started all preparation of a program before a week and collecting all such ideas, views and discuss about various topics. At the time of discussion in a meeting, our faculty member and heads of our colleges were discuss on things that which are not done in any fest, at that time I introduced an idea of game playing which can be played online. I introduced an idea to play slot machine games which are free online and participants will definitely enjoy. Firstly, all the seniors committee members weren’t gave me permission to introduce this online casino game in a fest. Then I convinced him so they gave a green signal.

So, as we planned we organized our fest. All participants and mentors were on time; all participated youngsters were excited and glad to see the environment and also played well. Faculty members and sponsors congratulated us and gave us an organizing certificate also they feel so proud because of us. After that, price distribution takes place for selected participants. Collectively it was such a nice experience and due to this opportunity we learned a lot and also we get in touched of new things. With this, we continuously ignite our flame of spirits and succeed in all fields of life.